About the Small Business Liaison Team

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The Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT) consists of representatives from 27 agencies. Our mission is to listen to businesses, then drive action to make it easier to do business in Washington state. A primary goal of the SBLT is to have an informed small business community that understands what's needed to comply with the state's licensing and regulatory requirements. The team was formalized and expanded in Executive Order 12-01. ORIA acts as facilitator for monthly SBLT meetings. Subgroups develop outreach programs, solicit ideas for regulatory improvement and develop new business tools.

Our Vision

We envision Washington state being the best place to do business.

Our Mission

We are listening to businesses, then driving action to make it easier to do business in the state of Washington.

Some of Our Actions
  • This Website

  • The Checklist for opening a business

  • The Small Business Guide

  • Updating, maintaining, and increasing the visibility of the Small Business Guide

  • Translations of the Small Business Guide (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Somali, Somoana, Tagalog, and braille formats)

  • Participation in statewide business forums

  • Hosting presentations from state agencies and outside sources that provide services in support of small businesses

  • Two videos, prepared by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Employment Security and the Washington Department of Revenue in response to requests from business owners, with information on audits and taxes

Additionally, the team has collaborated with local and regional small business assistance centers and invited business owners to provide direct feedback to the SBLT on their experience working with state agencies.

Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT)