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2020 SBRR Free Workshops

Welcome to the Small Business Requirements & Resources (SBRR) Free Workshop page.

SBRR workshops are provided by members of the Washington state Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT). The workshops were started in 2019 by three Washington state agencies, the departments of Employment Security, Revenue, and Labor & Industries. The popularity of the program began to drive expansion with the inclusion of additional state agencies at the start of 2020.

Our workshops provide helpful information around the regulatory relationship with government and requirements that business can use to save unwarranted penalties, and teach best practices, bottom line cost-saving programs, business solutions, consulting services, and more.

We want business owners/representatives to be equipped with information to help them make the best decisions for the long-term health, vitality and sustainability of their businesses and employees.

During this COVID-19 crisis, we have made a few changes. First, in the name of safety we have modified our program to utilized on-line webinars. Second, we are preparing and providing information based on feedback from business owners across the state. Each webinar session we will share updates and information based on current events and developments.


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We have several SBRR Workshops scheduled through the end of July 2020. These webinars provide a quick overview of some of the state responses to COVID-19, resources, and other impacts affecting small businesses. While there is no cost to attend, we have limited capacity so please reserve a spot today.

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Please visit and explore the resources and presentations available to you - we invite you to spend 15 minutes with each link to expand your knowledge and to help you become better informed.




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